Pasear in the sky
– A2A with Mirage III –

Switzerland in May: Snow covered summits, crystal clear lakes, green meadows and the tree pipit sings the songs of love. The perfect time for a romantic pasear with a beautiful Lady.
We did a trip like this, but we did it in Sharpeye-Media style.

Mirage III breaking hard left above Thunsersee

Admittedly, our inamorata was not very young, sexy or clean-limbed. Indeed she was old, demanding and she granted us just a few seconds of her time. And the best of all, we had to drive over 800 kilometres to meet her and another 800 kilometres back home. Yes, the key data of this date sounds like an act of stupidity.

So, who was the mysterious lady we met out there?
She is a Mirage III DS, her showbiz name is J-2012 (civil re HB-RDF), she is almost 40 years old and resides in Payerne near the city of Bern in beautiful Switzerland.
This Mirage III is the only one in the world with a civil registration. It is possible to sit oneself down on the backseat and have the flight of your life.

Some more facts: Le Mirage III-DS J-2012 is part of the second series of the two-seater Mirage planes of the Swiss air force. The first set of four airplanes named Mirage III BS. The second batch of two jets, introduced in 1980, named Mirage III DS (J-2011 and J-2012).
The J-2012 ran out of service from the Swiss Air Force in 2003. Two years later the aircraft was donated to its current owner, the association “Espace Passion”.

The Lady was loud, restless and sometimes a bit too fast, but it was a real pleasure for us to fly side by side with this aviation icon above the beautiful landscape of the Thunersee area. There is no better place for a pasear in the sky.

Very special thanks to Gil, Dassler and all involved pilots.

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