Oldtimer Grand Prix 2018

The odor of burned rubber, oil and gasoline reaches my nostrils. This smell girdles the Nürburgring like a perfume, designed for vintage car lovers like me.
Clamouring motors, squealing tires as well as screeching brakes compose a unique soundtrack, which causes a pleasant shiver run down my spine.

White Williams FW07C formula one car in a garage at Oldtimer Grand Prix at Nurburgring

Since the early 1990’s I have visited the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring several times. I like that event because of its huge variety of cars. Holy shit, there are so many beautiful automobiles out there. It is not possible to see them all. The pick of the basket: Most of these beauties participate in real races.

The first race starts at 0800 in the morning, the last ends after 0900 in the evening and they show everything that defines spectacular motorsport: Winners, losers, dramas, stars and starlets. Most of the competitions last just 30 minutes. So it is possible to see about 15 different races with hundreds of cars like GT’s from the 1960’s, Touring and Sports Cars, historic Formula One and many more in just a few hours.

It is possible to visit the paddock as well as some pits at any time and watch the mechanics prepare the cars for their next races. This is approachable motorsport with ear-deafening noise, sweet malodour and hubbub everywhere. A real spectacle for the visitors.

Traditionally there are many Brands Club Meetings as part of the Oldtimer Grand Prix. Some famous Brands like Porsche, Ferrari and Alfa Rome are located in the Mercedes-Arena. Others such as Renault R5, Opel GT, Pantera, Fiat X 1/9 and many, many more use the parking facilities around the Ring for their meetings.

The Oldtimer Grand Prix with its numerous capabilities is an outstanding event for automobile-enthusiasts. Anyone who is interested in motorized beauties completely got his money back. See you in 2019 …

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