Underwater Love

The beauty of our planet is marvellous. The evolution created a pure masterpiece of elegancy. In the sea of Raja Ampat mother earth metamorphoses into a master of wizardry. The seemingly endless expense beneath the surface is the stage, the variety of life the prop of one of her most splendid magic tricks.

orange white clownfish in the sea of raja ampat

The uniquely ruffled waves of the deep blue sea are the invitation and the sparkling surface of the water is the gateway into the peerless underwater kingdom of Raja Ampat. Its heart-stopping beauty catches you flat-footed and completely unexpected, like meeting your love for the first time in that little rock ‘n roll bar downtown.

After just a few seconds of descent you find yourself on the very best seat in a mind-blogging theatre of life. The rays of sunshine floodlight the dances of hundreds of thousands lives. Their movements seems to be actuate by a soundless cadence, causing an explosion of colours, which reminds you of a slowly spinning kaleidoscope.
The powerful enactment swamp your thoughts and you behold the grace of this place only with the sincerity of your soul. This world with its absorbing tales of life is the beautiful reward for your dreams and longings.

Your time in this paradise is not endless but the memories will always be at your side. Every time you open the photobook in your mind, you will feel itchy feet and a sweet stab in your heart. In that moment there won’t be nothing you would rather do than meeting your underwater love again and again and again. This feeling will never leave you and it will be a keepsake to one of your fucking biggest adventures in your life.

Paradises like Raja Ampat are in danger. Human made pollution threaten their existence. Think about this before using the next plastic-bag, buying water in not reusable plastic-bottles or recklessly discarding your cigarette butt. Save the oceans! You will be rewarded.

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