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Februar 2018

Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo It is cold, dark and windy. No birds are sinning, no monkeys are screaming. Million stars are shining above us. We are hungry, thirsty and tired after a sleepless night. We are on a viewpoint 2.770 meter above sea level in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in [...]

Mount Bromo2020-02-25T21:31:41+01:00

November 2017

Hamburg meine Perle


Hamburg meine Perle Most beautiful city in Germany Hamburg - A city with many different facets and home of more than 1,9 Million people in the middle of Europe The contrast between the industrial facilities, the nature and the residential areas is unique. The districts south [...]

Hamburg meine Perle2020-02-25T21:34:54+01:00