Stephan Leonhard


Stephan Leonhard, photographer, editor & webmaster

  • born in 1977
  • lives in a city, that never sleep, Hamburg, Germany
  • take photos is more than a hobby, it’s my passion
  • branches: landscape, nature, buildings, industrial and cars
  • travel around the world

I don’t fly around half of the world to not make it a masterpiece.

Sascha Linkemeyer


Sascha Linkemeyer, author, senior-editor & photographer

  • born in 1974
  • lives in a small village near the city of Osnabrück, Germany
  • works as freelancer (author and photographer) for specialized magazines as well as daily newspapers home and abroad
  • branches: aviation, nature and cars
  • specialized in organisation and implementation of air-to-air photoshootings
  • traveler

Fred Thiesing


Fred Thiesing, photographer and logistics

Born 1973 near Osnabrück, I began with Aviation fotography in 2005. It is an important part of my yearly schedule and leads me regularly to different countries.

Landscape and Architecture photography are part of my repertoire as well.

In 2015, I discovered Air-to-Air photograpy, which I practice with enthusiasm and which I want to do professionally. I participate in the team by taking over the role of the logistical and technical support as well as by preparing the flights in order to contribute to a successful achievement.

Mirko Krogmeier


Mirko Krogmeier, photographer & Pilot

Born 1994

lives in a small village near Paderborn

working on my comercial pilot license to fly for airlines

branches: aviation & nature